ISOMAT Website Redesign (EN)

ISOMAT is one of the top Greek exporting companies, maintaining export activities in more than 40 countries all over the world. Being a company that offers high quality building materials is something that sets ISOMAT apart from its competition.


iTrust maintains a long-lasting cooperation with ISOMAT, dating back to 2008. As an integrated digital agency, we offer our full services, from website development to SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Based on this trusting relationship, we decided to make just one more step ahead, by materializing ISOMAT’s website Redesign, to better support the multinational company’s global growth.

Competitive Advantages of ISOMAT’s website Redesign

ISOMAT possessed a website which, by using 14 different languages, had to promote the brand’s products in more than 40 countries worldwide. So, there was a necessary need for an effective, multilingual Content Management System. But we didn’t just rest on creating a unified multilingual website (domain mapping). We designed a website with a fresh, sleek design, with a mobile-first approach. As a result, mobile users visiting the website can enjoy a seamless navigation, while the brand’s products and services are ideally promoted, being easily accesible at the same time.

An equally important advantage that ISOMAT’s  website redesign had to offer was the fact that we didn’t have to face any downtime problems, thus keeping the website up and running, from the very first moment.

Last but not least, there was no need, at any moment, for a manual transfer of all the website’s products, as we implemented a custom import method of them, one by one.

Getting ready for our next journey

With a new dynamic approach, ISOMAT is now ready to further extend its international expansion. ISOMAT’s website redesign will be the stepping stone that will help the company reach new markets, across the whole world.

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